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Migraines and Obesity

Migraines and obesity are common conditions that have a major impact on many people’s lives, their families, and society in general. Over the past several decades, scientists have started to figure out that the chances of having migraines are increased in people who are obese, and that this risk is increased as someone gains weight and changes physical stature from normal weight, to overweight, to obese. It’s also been learned that migraine patients who are obese are more likely to develop a chronic pattern in their headaches.

It is important to understand that obesity does not cause migraines, but it’s a risk factor; which means that being obese makes it more likely that you will have migraines. Age is also a factor, but not a cause.


If you have migraines, knowing your obesity status may make it easier to choose migraine treatments that meet your individual needs. It can also influence which drugs your doctor recommends to help you stop gaining weight, or to help you begin to lose it. With migraines and obesity, the ultimate goal is having fewer and less intense attacks while losing weight to live a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity is one of the most pervasive chronic diseases in the U.S. As one of the leading causes of mortality in the U.S., morbidity, disability, healthcare utilization, and healthcare costs, the high prevalence of obesity is all but a plague on the country.   This disease afflicts more than one third of the U.S. adult population, which is roughly seventy eight million Americans. This number has been steadily increasing since the sixties, and is a trend that has slowed slightly in recent years, but doesn’t show any chance of reversing. About sixty nine percent of U.S. adults are categorized as being affected by obesity, or at least having excess weight.

All of this taken into consideration, the best step forward, despite whether or not you believe the studies and the connections, is to lose the extra pounds.

Remember to always listen your your body when starting something like a new routine of exercises or the HCG diet program, and to go slow, and work your way up … you can do it!

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