Weight Loss

What to expect during your first week with HCG Diet?

I know what you are thinking “I’m starting this new diet and I am going to be buying a new bikini and show off my new body” or “I am going to schedule a photo shoot because in a couple of weeks I’m going to be so thin”. Well, although those are amazing and positive thoughts don’t get too caught up in thinking about the result of your HCG Diet without focusing on how you are going to get there. Set realistic goals and make sure you are committed to the diet. If you go into this with the right mindset, you are going to be successful!

Is it going to be hard? Yes. Anything you do that is different from the routine you had before will be difficult, but you can succeed and you will as you stay faithful and follow the diet protocol. Keep in mind to make your healthy food choices a habit -not just a trial.

Here are some very realistic expectations for your first week on the HCG Diet that can help you form reachable goals.

Hunger pains that are inevitable if you didn’t gorge properly. Your hunger pains peaks around 5th or 6th day of VLCD. Try some distractions by keeping your mind busy for the first week on Phase 2. Your hunger pains will subside substantially.

Frequent urination but this isn’t unusual. The HCG hormone and your low-calorie diet are doing the cleansing process that releases excess water from your body. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Headaches are very common during the first week of P2. The two biggest reasons are because you are dehydrated or its a withdrawal symptom.

Mood changes as your body adjust to the very low-calorie intake. Sometimes it can be stressful so try to do things that will help you relax. Read your favorite book, take a walk or learn a new hobby. These can keep your mind busy and not fixated on the diet.


As you follow the diet you should start to see weight loss approximately on day 3 – 4 depending on how well you followed the loading instructions. As soon as you begin to lose .5 – 1 lb. per day you should stay consistent with that amount of weight loss and if you stall and do not see weight loss for more than 3+ days then you will need to do a stall breaker.

Once your first week with VLCD is out of the way the rest of your days with HCG diet will be easier. Remember, once you finish the diet you’ll need to put in as much effort into your maintenance phase as you did the diet program. The maintenance phase will be key in helping you keep your weight off. I know you want to not only lose the weight but be rid of it for good!

Start your Weight Loss Journey today!


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