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Give Love to your Nails! Dr. Dana Nail System Renewal Review

Even the healthiest nails always need a little love. Whether your nails are smooth and strong or rough and brittle, you can achieve the nails you’ve always wanted in just 10 minutes a week. Like performance skin care for your nails, the dermatologist-developed Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System is clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails.


  • Clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails.
  • Helps visibly rejuvenate and bolster processed nails.
  • Instantly exfoliates and hydrates nails with a simple, three-step treatment.
  • Botanical ingredients help condition and hydrate nails and cuticles.
  • Helps prep nails for—and extend the life of—manicures.
  • Helps nails appear healthier, shinier, and stronger after a single treatment.

Dr. Dana 2

How to use it?  Just apply this 3-step process once a week:

Step 1: Glycolic Prep:

Ensure that your nails are dry, clean, and unpolished. Uncap the Glycolic Prep pen applicator and twist the bottom of the tube until a drop of liquid appears on the tip. Apply a thin coat evenly across your nails. One pen “twist” generally treats up to five nails.

Step 2: Priming Wandstep:

Carefully inspect your priming wand and find the surface marked 1. Using this surface, brush your nails two to five times. After a whitish layer appears, switch to surface 2 and brush your nails again two to five times. Finally, use surface 3 to firmly buff your nails back and forth until your nails display the desired luster and shine. USE ONLY ONCE WEEKLY.

Step 3: Deep Hydrating Formula:

Like with the Glycolic Prep pen, uncap the Deep Hydrating Formula Pen and twist the tube end until the applicator tip becomes moist. Apply the proprietary bioactive liberally to your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. Repeat Step 3 as needed throughout the week for instant nail and cuticle hydration.

This system really works!  The nails looked fabulous from the first application, is easy to pack, lightweight, and takes only 10 minutes to achieve the appearance of healthier, stronger Dr. Dananails.  Order yours now!

All orders over $49 have FREE SHIPPING!

Give your nails a chance … Buy your system today!


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