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Do I need to lose weight?

Well, the better way to answer that question is by looking at the signs.  If you ever had a struggle putting up your jeans and even zipping it hardly afterwards, or the new clothes you just bought a week ago doesn’t fit anymore, you might probably think that you are gaining weight. But did you know that there are so many signs that you are actually gaining weight, not just the fact that you are seeing it physically? Here are some:

You Always Have A Gut Feeling

“My clothes are getting tighter”, “I ate more than 3 times a day.”, “Exercising is not a priority anymore” “My legs are getting bigger each day.” etc… Do you also tell these to yourself? Do you always have a gut regarding your body? It’s one of the signs that you need to lose weight. Psychologically,  this kind of guts particularly our silent tone is one way to accept that we are getting fat. I know everyone can relate to this fact, right?

Getting Too Tired Easily

Do you easily get tired by just standing or putting your socks on while sitting? Or even having a problem with a very simple physical movements like walking for a minute or preparing to take a bath? It’s a fact that you are gaining weight. Your body cannot function well to the activities that you are doing because of the amount energy that your weight is occupying.

Change Of Medical Status

When your doctor says you have a high blood pressure, thyroid problems, a high cholesterol, a raised of blood sugar or something like your hemoglobin level is not good anymore, it is mostly your body’s way to alert you that it’s time to lose weight. Experts says that weight loss can bring these numbers down without any medication. Also, it is safer and cheaper than most medications.

You Snore While Sleeping

Loud snoring  can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep condition that stops your breathing while sleeping. The most common cause of this condition is excess weight and obesity.

Joint Aches

It is proven sign that if your knees, hips, and back aches, there is a huge possibility that you are gaining weight. Excess weight puts pressure on joints that can cause a uncomfortable movements. The heavier you will be, the more that it will hurt.

You’re Always Hungry

slim down

Of course, eating too much can lead to gaining more weight. It’s a sign that you’re eating wrong foods, like junk foods, candy which lacks the nutrition needed by your body such as protein and fiber. And if you tend to eat each time you feel hungry, it might not just lead you to gain too much weight but also can affect the amount of nutrition needed by your body.

Everyone’s Saying That You Are Gaining Weight

Even though this is wayyy too rude, but this is a straight sign of that you are gaining weight … when you are in a party or any gathering event, every people’s first thought on you was “Hey! You have gain a few pounds, right? What happened?” like LITERALLY. It is more believable if these words came up from someone you are with all the time. Of course, because they are the ones seeing you everyday and can easily notice any changes that is happening on you physically. AND YES, you are gaining weight now.

If those signs written above relates to you, then maybe it’s time for you to decide to lose weight. Plan your plan diet, schedule your exercise time, and prepare your diet meals that fits you. A lot of articles regarding losing weight is spread on the internet. A lot of must do, a must take, prohibited foods to eat, and a lot more.

If you don’t prefer such a number of a-must-do on our diet program but will definitely make sure that all is in a proper and safe way, then decide to go and consider to buy HCG. Although it requires a strict diet, the effectiveness of the product can be seen in just a day in an easy procedure. Plus, it does not require  intense exercise. Amazing, right?

Whatever your way may be, you need to set your goal into it. Focus and always think about what the results will be if your diet becomes successful. It’s never easy but everything is totally worth it at the end.

Ready to make a change in your life?  Choose to be HEALTHY and LOSE WEIGHT!

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