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Legit way to work from home? Scam or not?

NO SCAM at all. What if I told you a legit way to work from home?  Well, there’s one that I totally recommend and the best of it is that we are HIRING NOW work at home distributors!

  1. There are NO start-up fees. That’s right, ZERO! So you have nothing to lose! It’s 100% FREE to join our team.
  2. No minimum orders.
  3. No kits to buy. You buy absolutely nothing unless you want to.
  4. 43% Profit! Crazy right!?
  5. Perfect for stay-at-home mommies or anyone that wants to supplement their income -just like I did!
  6. You can work anywhere, and from your phone! All you need is the Internet and a computer. You can also use your smart phone. That’s it. You don’t need to buy anything, ever! If you have a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any form of social media, you can do this job.

Best of all, once you sell a product, you will receive a direct deposit within 36 hours. No lengthy wait times here. No waiting for checks on the mail. We have the highest paid commissions in the industry.

Since becoming a distributor, I have been able to enjoy time with my kids and work from home.  We need motivated people that are willing to be SUCCESSFUL!

Now for some startup directions…

1.Sign up to become an online distributor: CLICK HERE

2.Once you’re past the landing page, click on JOIN NOW in the upper right corner.

3.Once you’re a distributor, you will be qualified for your own websites, FREE.

4.To sign up for your very own websites, you will need to click on OPS in the drop-down menu (under your name) as pictured below.



  1. Once there, click on MY SITES, as pictured below.

My Sites

  1. Here you will set up your website URL’s, and they will look something like this below. These are the links you will share on social media, YouTube, your blog, etc. Once someone makes a purchase on your website, you get paid. It’s very simple. Sky’s the limit on how much money you can make. It all depends on you.


  1. Once you set up your URL’s, you will want to take advantage of everything that the site has to offer in regards to training. So go ahead and click on training and begin!


On the MYSITES screenshot that you see above has every tool that you need to get started. The training will guide you on setting up your new business. Navigate through it with time. There are email templates, automated Twitter messages, you name it.

Once you’re all set up, please join us in our private Facebook group. It is for members only, so please do not request to join until you have registered as a distributor. Click here for the Facebook group.

There, you can post questions, and someone will ALWAYS respond to help you. The support we offer is unlike any other online company. We also have a toll-free number you can call if you have questions.


Want to Join my Team? Click here!


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