Winter Wedding Ideas!

Planning a Winter wedding normally is an exciting affair as it’s one of the prettiest and romantic seasons to get married in. Most Winter weddings are indoor-based events, which mean that they happen to be more formal than the traditional Spring or Summer weddings.

For many couples, planning a formal occasion can seem daunting and scary. You can use the conventional winter colors like shades of silvers and whites and use crystals for emulating ice. This would be a very pretty Winter wedding reception theme. You also can use colors like red, ice blue, gold and silver for the winter wedding.

For Winter wedding ideas related to invitation cards, heavy cardstocks in the color white can be used with writing scripted in black. A snowflake logo on the card would look very elegant. Silver ribbons can also be tied around the invites.


There are diverse kinds of Winter wedding flowers, which are seasonal and can be used for the décor. Some of the most in-demand and loved varieties are hydrangeas, amaryllis and calla lilies.

To make beautiful and diverse boutonnières and bouquets, you can add in snowberries for a nice texture or Dusty Miller foliage or lamb’s ear for a slight touch of silverish green. You can add crystals to the flowers.

Planning a Winter wedding at the right time is very important. Using branches instead of flowers will be very creative as winter wedding reception centerpieces. You can get branches in whites or blacks easily at your local craft store.

You can glue on the tiny crystals on these branches, so that they look like ice droplets and later arrange these lovely branches in a crystal clear vase. Place this vase on an elegant mirrored disk and surround this reception centerpiece with tea lights or votives.

A great Winter wedding cake would be a classic cake – all white which has been dusted with silver powder, which is edible. Embellish the cake with sugar crystals and white colored sugar ribbon or with a fantastic looking lace pattern. Another splendid idea would be placing each layer of the cake over the stands and then letting the exquisite looking crystal drops hang down from each of these stands.


You could also get involved with planning a winter wedding favor. Mini ice wine bottles (wine which has been created from grapes that were harvested while they were still frozen) along with custom labels on them is a great idea too. Roasted chestnuts or cranberries coated in chocolate, handed in tiny mesh bags in silver would be a lovely favor for the guests.

You can also get made-to-order mugs, which have the wedding date and the couple’s names imprinted on them. These mugs can later on be boxed a hot chocolate or cocoa mix.

As daunting and intimidating as it might sound and look, planning a winter wedding is not that a scary task. Start planning months before so that there’s nothing left to shop or worry about at the last moment. A wedding ought to be a fun event, so you need to manage your time accordingly … and that’s my Cup of Tea!

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