Beauty, Cosmetics

Epoch® Glacial Marine Mud

Men, women, teenagers … this is a must have!   Combat those break outs, acne, cold sores, blackheads and impurities.  You can actually see it lift the impurities and toxins from your skin while it dries! It provides amazing benefits for your skin!


✔Skin healing mud, perfect for normal to dry skin.

✔Exfoliates dead skin cells.

✔Draws out impurities and toxins.

✔Rejuvenates damaged and troubled skin.

✔Has more than 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements like zinc and sea botanicals.

✔Deeply cleanses.

✔Softens and purifies skin.

✔Helps to hydrate the skin.

✔Skin detox.

✔Helps improve skin strength.

❤ It’s like a spa treatment at home … and that’s definitely my Cup of Tea! Get yours now!



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