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HCG Drops or HCG Injections: Which one should you choose?

Many people ask me…should I do the drops instead of injections?  Well I don’t advise people to do one or the other necessarily.  This is entirely up to the individual, their goals, and how much they can afford to spend on the program.  Injections need to be taken every day, but they require fewer dosages each day than drops.  Many people believe that when they buy HCG drops they’re getting the same dosage of the hormone as they get from injections, and this simply isn’t true. In reality, they just don’t provide the same results.

Pros and Cons

Injections carry with them some great benefits.  For example, studies on their use show they are a powerful way to administer HCG as the hormone goes directly into the person’s bloodstream without needing to be processed by the body’s metabolism.  In addition, they only need to be taken once per day and they don’t require any preservatives or additives.  However, it can be expensive and sometimes can be painful. Whereas with injections, because you are directly injecting it into your blood it will increase the effective28 day hcg kitness.

Oral drops are much simpler to take than injections.  Although anything that goes into the stomach gets diluted and only later does it mixes with the blood. Since the hormones gets diluted its effect is lesser than injections. One good factor of the drops is that you simply place them under your tongue each day and allow the HCG to be absorbed therein.  But, there are also some pitfalls with taking HCG orally:  not all products are created equal and many people unknowingly purchase and use fake products that don’t contain any of the actual hormone at all, and are just usurping the HCG name.

HCG drops are a powerful alternative to injections that’s both cheaper and not. The HCG drops are safer and if you do not have any experience with needles then I strongly recommend you to take oral drops. However, if you have injected yourself in the past for other reasons then you can opt for injections.


Comparing the amount of weight lost, you will lose more weight with injections than with oral HCG. However, considering the safety purchase, the weight loss is no big deal with oral drops.  Also, it is much easier to stay on low calorie diet with injections rather than with oral HCG drops.

These were just few important comparisons that I had noticed. If you are still confused with what to choose then I strongly recommend you start with HCG oral drops and go from there. However, if you are desperate to lose weight faster then I suggest HCG injections…and that’s my Cup of Tea.


Have any questions about HCG drops or HCG Injections?

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