Re-Invent Yourself this Fall!

The Fall is nearly upon us, and this is the time of year when the air cools down, the sun sets earlier, and we prepare for the dormant winter season. But in business, Fall is also a time of new beginnings. The new “school year” cycle signifies a clean slate, a time for learning, and growth – even for those of us who graduated years ago.

Give your business a Fall cleanup. Do papers and files cover your desk like autumn leaves on your lawn? Time to toss and file. Clean up your computer desktop, too. Not only will it be easier to find necessary documents, but your computer will run more efficiency. A crowded computer desktop is often the reason when your computer is running slowly. Clear out your e-mail inbox (often easier to delete in big chunks if you sort by sender), unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters (physical and electronic), and turn off social media notifications that tend to pile up. Dust your office and your computer. Let no flat surface, physical or virtual, go untouched!

Give yourself a boost. Re-inspire yourself! Take a class toward a certificate, or attend a seminar or workshop. Buy a frame that will house that certificate you will earn, and motivate yourself as you study by envisioning it on your wall. Be sure that the class or seminar you attend will take you a step forward in your evolution as a CEO, even if it feels “beyond” you or outside of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself! Even better, sign up to give a presentation or teach a class in your area of expertise!

Don’t forget your own self-care. Just as Fall is a time for cleaning up your outer environment, in many cultures, Fall is a time to cleanse your inner environment as well. Invigorate and strengthen your body, and immune system, with a wellness makeover, to keep stress, and illness away in the coming winter months. Choose from all the nutritious foods that are plentiful during the harvest season, and drink plenty of water. Get active with healthy activities like yoga or daily walks in the crisp fall air.

Reconnect with friends and family to boost your spirits. Find solo time to reconnect with yourself. Think about the reasons why you were inspired to start your business in the first place, and envision yourself living your best life, doing work you love, on your terms.

This Fall, take time to reclaim your office space, reinvigorate your ‘resume’ and health and wellness routines, and reconnect with what is important. You will end your year on a high note, excited and ready for the year ahead… and that’s my Cup of Tea!

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