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Chill out ideas for this HOT Summer!

OMG sometimes I think the Sun is like just a few feet away from my head!  If you are anything like me, as soon as I open my eyes in the morning I’m looking forward to the nice breeze of the sunset to beat the scorching hot weather and to enjoy aLEMONADE few treats that are delicious for the Summer but also they are HCG Diet-approved treats, so that way you can enjoy them without feeling guilty.

One of my favorites, lemonade!  Nothing more refreshing than a homemade lemonade, just squeeze 1 lemon, add water and sweeten with Stevia, add ice and sit on the porch as you sip the day away.

What about some frozen fruit? When I buy too much fruits, I just froze them and when you areFRUITS on one of those hot August days I just unfroze them and eat them for a healthy snack time of the day.

Have you heard about strawberry ice?  Well actually is any-fruit ice!  As I said before, if you have too many fruits, just chop them very thinly and fill an ice tray with lemon juice and stevia and put a little bit of fruits in each cube slot and pop them in the freezer!  When it gets frozen, just take a few ice cubes and add water.


Hope these ideas keep you cool and on track with your summer slim-down efforts. If you want help with achieving your goal weight, contact us at We want you to accomplish your weight loss goal this year and at the same time beat the HEAT!


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